Christian Spurling painted many pictures.  Do you (or did you) have his work on display or in storage? You can help build the complete catalogue of Christian’s work by taking a few minutes to complete a short questionnaire.  If the picture features more than one vessel, describe the most prominent one.

It would be too costly to include the questionnaire in this web site, so it resides on the Zoho forms site.  (If you need to know more about Zoho Forms, just visit

You have several ways to access the questionnaire:

  • Select this link fill in questionnaire to open the form in a new window.
  • Copy and paste this url into a new window on your web browser:

  • Send an email to to request a form by return email.  If you have details on anything else about Christian (letters, photographs, newspaper or magazine articles, etc.) then please send details to the same email address.

Thank you for your help.