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This website promotes the British artist Christian Spurling (1902 – 1993). Christian was the son of Jack Spurling (1870 – 1933), a well known marine artist. Christian’s biography and catalogue raisonné was published in September 2022.

Reader’s Guide

This is a reference book containing three sections: Christian’s biography (Chapters 1 to 12), his catalogue raisonné (Chapter 13) and numerous appendices. The last known update to Jack Spurling’s catalogue raisonné was in 1980 – Appendix A includes numerous candidates for a long overdue revision.

The goal of this work is to help those looking to verify the provenance of a Christian Spurling painting, and those more interested in the man himself. The former should head directly to Chapter 13. The latter should just start at the beginning and work forward. The journey is for the most part a forward progression in time, starting in the mid nineteenth century. There is the occasional leap forward to the present, but you are quickly returned after the interesting detour has been dealt with.

Information about the Loch Ness Monster in Chapter 8 is based entirely on the work of David Martin and Alastair Boyd. David kindly agreed to share transcripts made in 1991/92 when Christian was interviewed about his role in the affair – a special thank-you is given for this generous help.

Table of Contents

Reader’s Guide & Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 Relatives (1869 – 1902)

Chapter 2 Newborn (1902 – 1905)

Chapter 3 Stepfather (1905 – 1908)

Chapter 4 Pioneers (1908 – 1923)

Chapter 5 Filmster (1923 – 1926)

Chapter 6 Planter (1926 – 1930)

Chapter 7 First Wife (1930 – 1934)

Chapter 8 Monster (1934 – 1937)

Chapter 9 Prisoner (1937 – 1946)

Chapter 10 Second Wife (1946 – 1963)

Chapter 11 Artist (1963 – 1989)

Chapter 12 Legacy (1989 – 1994)


Chapter 13 Catalogue Raisonné

Epilogue & Postscript

Appendix A Jack Spurling Cross Reference

Appendix B The Blue Peter Magazine Cover Index

Appendix C The Death Railway Index

Appendix D Stage Reviews & Notices 1892 – 1922

Appendix E Film Reviews & Notices 1916 – 1933

Appendix F Family Tree for Helena (Christian’s Mother)

Appendix G Family Tree for Jack (Christian’s Father)

Appendix H Family Tree for Marmaduke (Christian’s Stepfather)

Appendix I The Children of Helena and Jack

Appendix J The Children of Helena and Marmaduke

Appendix K Christian’s Offspring

Appendix L Elizabeth Heming

Appendix M Walter Gardiner Tables

Appendix N The Will of William de Caulier

Appendix O The Man in a Wheelchair

Appendix P Unsolved Problems

Appendix Q Robert Murray-Hughes Due Diligence

Appendix R Correspondence

Appendix S Illustrations & Articles

Reference Resources

Further Reading & Listening



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