Joanne of Garth

Some questions remain unanswered, including where this picture of Joanne of Garth is today, or even if it still exists.  Black and white photographs are presented in the book if no colour image is available.

Many questions are answered in the book, but not all.  Refer to Appendix P for a list of problems still seeking solutions and use the Contact form if you can shed any light on these issues.

I have a picture painted by Christian: What is it worth?

Presently only $200 to $400 in very good condition and verified provenance. Hopefully more when his biography and catalogue raisonné are published. (His father’s pictures sell for much more).

Is this Christian Spurling the same man who claimed involvement in the 1934 Loch Ness Monster hoax?


Are prints of Christian's paintings available?

During the 1970’s and 1980’s a limited number of prints were produced in the US by two companies: Mobil Oil Corporation and Arthur A. Kaplan Co. Inc.  Christian also produced a few signed prints in the UK for friends and family.

Are images on this web site copyrighted?

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